I didn’t realize I was somewhat of a perfectionist..until I finally made myself mop the kitchen floor again. I was hesitating to do this for the week because… because… honestly, the moment I would be finished…well… it would be dirty again! It’s dawning on me to relax, no project will ever be finished, the table will never be really, cleared and cute with flowers, the toys will never be completely put away for longer than five minutes, and the floor… the floor will always be dirty. But for 10 glorious minutes it shone brightly and was screaming for a little boy to come back and spill his juice! Yes. It’s true. I needed this…

How to be Disorganized & Unproductive, #2: Aim for Perfection, by simplemom.net

Almost no one lives like the pictures in magazines.

When you have small children at home all day, your home will be messier than you’d like.

A perfect home will never make you happy.

Aiming for excellence, not perfection.

When you aim for perfection, you’re defeated before you even start, because I’ve got news for you — you’re never going to be perfect. Neither am I. And if you’re like me, when you have false expectations that are unreasonably too high, you get even less done because you’re a bit deflated. You throw in the towel because your home will never be as ideal as you want.

Change your expectations. Give yourself and your family members large doses of grace. Pursue excellence in your work, but not perfection. It’s not a contest.

And if you aim for an excellent day with just a few important things on your agenda, I’m guessing you’ll have a better day. That’s why pursuing excellence instead of perfectionism is a beautiful cure for a disorganized and unproductive day.

(These were my favorite take-aways. To read the full article or the rest of the posts on how to be disorganized and unproductive follow the link above!)